On this island we design experiences, symbolic tools that from fun help you to believe. To trust that everything is possible if parts of yourself.

That is why we play, we embrace, we flew, we do enchantments, we put together, we believe, we grow, we support, we forgive, we recover... Everything framed in a charity model.

Welcome to the magical world that lives within you!

Welcome to the Hugger Island!


Hugger Island is a foundation that designs objects, experiences and spaces that contribute to the welfare from magic and fun. For us magic means to believe in wonderful by believing in oneself.

We are convinced that the design should be used to improve the quality of life of people, transforming their daily lives and empower them to believe.

We build experiences and benefit community organizations, non-profit foundations and vulnerable communities with our objects, fomenting emotional well-being. Besides, our products are made by women victims of violence, conflict, heads of household in Colombia, who find economic support and thereby improve their quality of life..


We deliver our objects with workshops to strengthen emotional processes that help the physical and mental recovery of many people affected by diseases and situations of poverty and violence in Colombia.

Meet our team



Due we love designing we have a lot of ideas that seek to improve emotional processes to help physical recovery or to empower people.

From there we are creating projects such as super heroes cloaks that build self-esteem and strengthen father – son relationship; Magic wands that help make mourning processes through enchantments against oblivion, games for children with functional diversity to teach them how to learn, read and write faster and foment relationships with their parents; among a lot of other projects!



In 2015 we begin to make this dream true, which you too can be part of. We have developed our first object: The Hugger!!!

The Hugger comes with a book that tells his story. Our character was born on an island between the oceans, he grew eating clouds, playing with flowers and waves. He loves to play hide and seek with the trees, birds, and mountains.



The Hugger learned how to hug by hugging himself, strengthening their ability to believe in himself. Ihe can makes rainbows with clouds seeing crises as opportunities, he lerned how to find himself from the others. He can teach you, to your kids, your father and brother, and many others, about emotions and how to look at the world. He has no eyes, no nose, no ears ... just need to have a heart to do so.

The huggers, our history and you help connect people, increase self confidence, believe that dreams build realities and, above all, to believe again. Believe in yourself, in others and in the world.


they are he main characters of our story in the book and our educative programs. Each Hugger has a different personality: that depends on the place of the island were they are born…


Meet the huggers


Would you like to donate a hug?

CWith them we can develop dreams that so far are projects such as storytellers huggers, the clamping dancers who teach children amputees regain movement, other toys and projects.

You can not only contribute with money: your time, knowledge and contacts can also help.

Join now!


We work in three different ways:

1. You can simply buy a Hugger for you
and thus support our project.

2. You can also buy a Hugger and donate one.
We`ll deliver during the workshops we give and improve the emotional conditions of people who receive it.

3 Or you can donate 1, 20, 100 or more huggers
children in hospitals, elderly people or street children. We deliver strategies that will improve your emotional conditions.

Every time you buy one of our products you are giving away one to a child in a hospital, a child living in the street, or with functional diversity, which we deliver through one of our multiples partner organizations.

We will love to meet you!

We would love to reach more and more children. If you want to work with us in building this dream, you can do as a buyer, as a volunteer, working pro bono, or as donors supporting our projects.


We are a social entrepreneur. Some institutions, platforms and entities help us to improve our knowledge and to get tools for love can transform lives though Colombia, Hugger Island and the world. We will love make productive spaces in women houses with the magic forest of the island or take the sea of the island into children hospitals.

These are some entities that help us to do that.


In The Do School we are fellows and we won the second place as better business idea in 2016


These are some of those who have already received hugs from the Hugger. No matter if it is because someone has donate a Hugger to them, or bought, gift it, lent or shared his Hugger. ¡The smile is as big!

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